Aplicaţii industriale şi întreţinere{[]}Industrial applications and maintenance{[]}Ipari alkalmazások és karbantartás{[]}Промислове та технічне обслуговування{[]}Industrieelle und technische Bedienung/Wartung{[]}Industrijske aplikacije i održavanje

Industrial applications and maintenance are found in all production units. For these, we provide products, systems and services of the highest quality.

Within each unit of production, be it one of electronics, electrical, automotive and other industry, the maintenance department is often faced with new, difficult and urgent situations.



For better and more reliable operation of the production halls, we offer from the stock:

  • machines and tooling
  • adhesives
  • blocking and unblocking threads
  • sealants, lubricants and greases
  • cutting fluids
  • coagulants and anticoagulants for paints
  • cleaning solutions
  • personal protection equipment


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