Recuperare aliaj{[]}Alloy recovery{[]}Fémkinyerés{[]}Відновлення сплавів{[]}Reduktion der Legierungen{[]}Oporavak legure


Losses, caused by the appearance of alloy slag, can be reduced by up to 85% with the use of MS2. This process for the recovery of the alloy can be applied both in the case of using lead alloy, and in the case of using the lead-free alloy.

The alloy, recovered using MS2, developed by P. Kay Metal, can be reused, thus generating a significant reduction in costs and an improvement in the production system.

The benefits of alloy recovery using MS2:

  • Reduces the consumption of the solder up to 85%
  • Reduces solder defects, caused by slag and repair costs generated by them
  • Reduces the costs, related to the management of hazardous waste
  • It can be applied both when using the alloy with lead and lead-free alloy
  • It is not toxic, is not volatile
  • Leaves no residue on the electronic components


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