Organizare cursuri de instruire ESD şi IPC{[]}Organization of ESD and IPC trainings{[]}ESD és IPC tanfolyamok szervezése{[]}Організація навчальних курсів ESD та IPC{[]}Organisation der Schulungen für ESD und IPC{[]}Organizacija ESD i IPC obuke

By its own staff and of existing collaborations with external and internal partners, Grosvenor can provide trainings in customer or own premise on fields of protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD Protection) and International standards and practices for the electronics industry (IPC).

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a real threat to the quality and reliability of electronic devices, so their prevention has become a priority in the production of electronic assemblies.

IPC Standards outlines established certain procedures for electronic and electrical cables, as well as marking acceptable quality level on several levels. Thus they seek inspection of all products and processes, used in production, in order to determine a certain level of quality, required for the IPC, to which they relate each manufacturer.

Grosvenor trainings improve the performance of companies in the electronics and automotive industry through training and certification in these two directions, mandatory for any manufacturer of electronic equipment or electrical wires. uses COOKIES. By navigating further, you are consenting to their use. More details>